Deadline extended to Friday, Feb 11.

The CCRP2 is committed to advancing new basic and applied research on COVID-19 and to train the next generation of scientists in pandemic research. This grant program will provide pilot funds to support COVID-19 research projects and provide training opportunities for Newark-based high school or college student*. We are accepting COVID-19 research proposals intended to begin new research, to study a new aspect of established research, or to supplement ongoing studies with demonstrable progress in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposal PI will receive up to $10,000 to support the research activity. The proposal must include a commitment to involve a Newark-based high school or college student in the funded research. Additional $3,500 will be available as a stipend for the student-trainee. Students will be expected to work full time over the summer of 2022, and work two afternoons a week in either the five months before or after the summer research period. A student does not need to be identified prior to applying to this pilot program, as CCRP2 will aid the successful applicants in making a good student match.

As part of this application, please plan to submit an abstract describing the project in plain language suitable for a layperson, a brief (no more than one page, see detailed instruction) description of the project including the envisioned contribution that will be made by the student-trainee, and provide a budget outline and narrative (see template attached for your convenience). All applications must be submitted by 5 pm Jan 28, 2022 Feb 11.

*on-site research for students is contingent upon the public health status due to the COVID-19 pandemic; virtual internships will be supported regardless.

David Alland, MD
Chief, Division of Infectious Disease
Director, The Public Health Research Institute and The Center for COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness

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