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Welcome to the Institute of Genomic Medicine

The Institute of Genomic Medicine of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School is the most comprehensive program in New Jersey committed to translational research and bringing personalized medicine into clinical practice. Our resources include diagnostic lab testing, clinical care, genetic counseling and outreach services for New Jersey hospitals as well as major initiatives in education, research and technology development. We are committed to ensuring that all researchers, clinicians and residents of New Jersey have access to our resources and services.

As translational medicine professionals, we have the personnel, infrastructure and resources to support discovery and development of new genetic and protein biomarkers and rapidly introduce them into clinical practice. We provide our services to university researchers as well as to diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our support extends to drug development programs that require biomarkers and development of companion diagnostics to support specific drugs in the market. This web site provides access for health care professionals and researchers to the latest developments in personalized and translational medicine including research and development services, diagnostic testing and clinical management resources. We also provide information and services tailored to the need of patients including multilingual education materials, genetic counseling and clinical support.

The progress of the Human Genome Project is profoundly changing the practice of medicine and it is very difficult for health care providers to keep up with the latest information. Our responsibility is to bridge this gap by providing information and clinical services in the areas of pediatrics, obstetrics, oncology, cardiology, hematology, surgery, internal medicine, mental health and family practice.